2020 FAQs

Do to the ongoing pandemic there was no in person gathering held at the Green Lake Conference Center in 2020.  The school was conducted entirely via Zoom.

What were the dates for 2020?
August 17th – 31st.

What were the hours of operation?
To avoid Zoom fatigue we shortened sessions, included audio recordings, and spread the program out over this two week period.  See 2020’s schedule here-  https://greenlakebahaischool.org/2020-schedule/

Were there other scheduled events other than workshops?
Yes! We presented the 2020 Program  “WALKING TOGETHER ON A PATH TOWARDS RACE UNITY AND ONENESS II- Families and Friends Learning in Action” This is a program provided by the Office of Education and Schools.

Was there be a registration Fee?
Registration was free.

Will there be a “LIVE” Green Lake in 2021.
Due to the current health crises we are not sure. Keep checking back in 2021~

Zoom Proficiency?
If you interested in learning more about how to utilize Zoom in your community we are pleased to share the attached resource created by Jordan Van Rijn, and his daughter Ana, as an introduction to conducting Zoom meetings.



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