Frequently Asked Questions

Do to the Corona Virus Pandemic our 2020 school program will be taking place online via Zoom free of charge. Announcements will be soon forthcoming posted here and on our Facebook page.

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The following information will apply to 2021 program:

What does the School Fee cover?

The School registration fees are the only fees received and managed by the Green Lake Bahá’í School Committee, This money is used to defray the costs for the facilitators, musicians, children’s class teachers, junior youth animators, graphic artists, website designers/managers and countless other volunteers that bring you this exciting School. All other expenses for accommodations, meals, and incidentals on the Conference Center grounds are paid to the Green Lake Conference Center, and the Conference Center sets the prices for those expenses. PLEASE NOTE: Registering for the Green Lake Bahá’í School does not reserve a room for you at the Green Lake Conference Center, and reserving a room does not register you for the School. Contact the Green Lake Conference Center at 920-294-3323 to reserve a room.

Do I have to stay overnight to attend the School?

No. You may obtain a day pass at the Conference Center Registration Desk.  However you are still required to pay the registration fees for the School.

Are cell phones allowed in sessions and in workshops?

Out of consideration for your fellow participants, we ask that cell phones and pagers be turned off or set to vibrate during main stage plenary sessions and workshops.

What should be done if I need to be reached in an emergency?

All emergency calls for the attendees should go to the main Conference Center number (920-294-3323) where they will be routed to a member of the School Committee or an emcee for handling or announcement.

What are my housing options at the Conference Center?

Please see the accommodations at the Green Lake Conference Center page by clicking here.

Are there any hotels nearby away from the grounds?

Please see other accommodations in the Green Lake area by clicking here.

Is smoking allowed at the Conference Center?

All the buildings are smoke-free. It would be wise to avoid smoking within 10 feet of building entrances. We ask that you refrain from smoking where children may be present.

What does “plenary session” mean?

All-inclusive. For example, the first devotional program of each day may be a plenary session to be attended by all. The goal is to have all attendees together for a devotional gathering before each group is separated.

Where is the main stage, where events are held?

The introductory events will take place in Staughton Hall, a newly renovated space below Pillsbury Hall.

Where are the workshops held?

Most of the workshops are held in the first floor meeting rooms in Pillsbury Hall Veranda, Roger Williams Inn Foyer, and Staughton Hall. Watch for the room assignments as printed in the program and also by signage outside each room.

Where are children’s classes held?

“Children’s area” as marked on the Grounds map. From Pillsbury Hall, proceed towards Bauer Lodge.

Is biking allowed?

Yes. It is a great way to exercise and get fresh air. Many attendees that are staying in the cabins walk or bike to the School Main Stage area. The Conference Center has bike rentals available.

What recreational activities are available?

Boating, paddle boating, hiking, golfing, and swimming are among the recreational activities available to School attendees. In some cases a separate fee may be charged.

Do you need to be an enrolled Baha’i to attend this School?

No. The entire School is open to all. We encourage and anticipate that a substantial number of School attendees may be friends of the Bahá’í Faith. We are encouraging all presenters to minimize “Bahá’í jargon” and define terms that may be strange or challenging for those new to the Bahá’í community, but we also need veteran believers to help sometimes with simple explanations. There is a Fireside Coffeehouse in Roger Williams Inn where you may get some basic information about the Bahá’í Faith or just hang out to enjoy live music by various performers. There are also workshops designed specifically for those investigating the Faith or new enrollees.

Where will music be performed?

Music will be integrated throughout the school session.

Are the main stage sessions and workshops accessible to disabled individuals?

Generally, most of the buildings are accessible to the disabled. Visit the Green Lake Conference Center website or call the Conference Center at (920) 294-3323 with specific questions.

Is there a cafeteria?

All meals are served at the Bauer Dining Room in Kraft Center. Meal tickets may be purchased at the Conference Center Registration desk. Drinks and snacks can also be purchased outdoors at the Snak Shak by the Friendship Beach during posted hours.

Are there any restaurants on the Conference Center grounds?

The Caddyshack in the Golf Courses of Lawsonia area serves breakfast and lunch. The City of Green Lake with a variety of food options is only a few minutes away.

Can I cook my own food?

If you are staying in one of the houses, cabins, or campsites, you may cook your own meals. If you are staying in one of the hotels, your accommodations are ‘American Style’, which means you are expected to buy meal tickets and take all meals in the Kraft Center Dining Room. No cooking is allowed in the hotels.

What is the telephone number of the Green Lake Conference Center?

(920) 294-3323

What is the speed limit on the Conference Center grounds?

Watch for posted speed limits in different areas. Most roads have a 25 mph speed limit, but the main School area is 15 mph. The campground area is 10 MPH but you should drive even slower to keep the noise down and be wary of the large number of pedestrians. Violators will be ticketed.

Can I drive my car up to the meeting hall?

Yes, you can, but there is limited parking in the lot next to Pillsbury Hall. We recommend dropping off individuals who are not readily mobile at the entrance and then parking in one of the many lots and taking a leisurely stroll to the meeting hall and enjoy Wisconsin’s beautiful summer weather. If it is physically difficult or impossible for you to walk from building to building and you do not have your own power chair or scooter, contact a Committee member for help with transport via golf carts.

Can I get a map of the School grounds?

The Green Lake Conference Center has maps of the entire grounds, the main School area, and the campground here. You can also click here to download the map of the entire grounds.

What is the best way to get to the Green Lake Conference Center (GLCC)?

The Green Lake Conference Center’s address is W2511 State Road 23, Green Lake, WI 54941-9599. It is on the south side of the State Highway 23, just west of Green Lake, WI. Click here to visit our Map and Directions page. Or click here for maps and more information on the Conference Center web site.

How do I get assistance if I have questions during the School?

Look for one of the Green Lake Bahá’í School Committee member or one of the Community Builders. The concierge desk in the Kraft lobby will be staffed by Bahá’í School volunteers most of the weekend, and they will be able to answer most questions as well.