2020 Workshops via Zoom

Workshop 1

“Green Lake Race Unity Coalition”

Presenter/ Facilitator- Dick Rundall (45 mins)

Date- Monday, August 17, 2020
Zoom session audio recording available soon>>>

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce and begin to organize the Green Lake Conference Race Unity Coalition. The coalition was created this year by Dick Rundall. This workshop is an organizational opportunity open to members of the coalition and Baha’is who are not members, but who are doing eliminating racism and/or race unity work in their larger community. We will do brief introductions and then consult on the following-

-Future Green Lake workshops on race unity?
-How could we support each other in the future?
-Plans for the upcoming year?
-Does anyone want to coordinate the coalition?
-Do we want to expand to include not just Illinois and Wisconsin, but also Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, and Indiana?


Workshop 2

“Using Brilliant Star’s Rich Resources at Home and in Classrooms”
Presenters / Facilitators- Amy Renshaw and Katie Bishop (45 mins)

Date- Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Join Brilliant Star’s Amy Renshaw and Katie Bishop on a virtual tour of Brilliant Star Online at www.brilliantstarmagazine.orgWe’ll explore the extensive resources available for kids, parents, and teachers, and share ideas about using them at home and in the classroom. We’ll highlight activities and stories about racial justice and unity, including those in the new “Hearts in Harmony” issue, and answer any questions from participants. 

Heidi Parsons from Brilliant Star – Zoom host.

Audio recording documentation of this workshop that occurred on 8/18 via Zoom (66 mins)


Workshop 3

“What Anyone Can Do To Eliminate Racism and Create Community Unity” Presenter/ Facilitator- Dick Rundall (45 mins)

Date- Thursday, August 20, 2020
Zoom session audio recording available soon>>>

In the summer of 2017, Ann and Dick Rundall partnered with the minister of Pilgrim Baptist Church and his wife, to create Eliminate Racism 815, a Not-for-Profit, 501 © (3) organization in Rockford, Illinois. They now have over 600 people receiving their newsletter, many of who do some or much work with the organization in the community (visit the website, eliminateracism815.org and/or facebook at eliminate racism 815 @equality 815). They are partnering with many community organizations including the Rockford Public Library, the Mayor, NAACP, and several churches. Come join the workshop and learn six ways of influencing change in the community by eliminating racism and creating community unity. All of these methods are done with respect, courtesy, kindness, integrity, civility and building working relationships in order to influence change.


Workshop 4

“Questions and Answers,  Introduction to the Baha’i Faith”
Presenter/ Facilitator- Fiona Weeks and Barry Uhlenhake (45 mins)

Date- Saturday, August 22, 2020

Audio recording documentation of this workshop that occurred on 8/22 via Zoom (74 mins)


Workshop 5

“South Minneapolis Baha’is Striving to Become One With Neighbors”
Presenters/ Facilitators- Andy Hartin and Everett Ayoubzadeh (45 mins)

Date- Monday, August 24, 2020

When it comes to working toward racial justice and unity, Baha’is often speak about transformation at the neighborhood level — the building of new systems and patterns of behavior to replace faulty ones. The Minneapolis Baha’is offer a real-time example of what it looks like to listen to people of color and to move organically toward transformation in step with neighbors.

Audio recording documentation of this workshop that occurred on 8/24 via Zoom (74 mins)


Workshop 6

“Using Communication & Personal Commitment To Develop a Racial Unity Plan” Presenter/ Facilitator- Christine Javid

Date- Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Using Communication & Personal Commitment To Develop a Racial Unity Plan In this workshop, we will learn about developing an interpersonal racial unity plan based on the Baha’i Writings and various disciplines that I have found useful in my own development. These will include biology, cultural theory, attachment theory and how cognitive biases work. Some of my personal experiences will be shared and how they have formed the basis of my individual plan for establishing and strengthening relationships with people of different backgrounds. I view this workshop as a continuation of each of our journeys to learn, promote relationship-building and further racial healing. To that end, people will be encouraged to share their own experiences and efforts because we are all on this journey together.

Audio recording documentation of this workshop that occurred on 8/25 via Zoom (62 mins)


Workshop 7

“Considering the July 22 Letter From The Universal House of Justice”
Presenter/ Facilitator- George Davis (90 mins)

Date- Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Zoom session audio recording available soon>>>

In considering the July 22 letter of the House of Justice:
1) What are the three areas of action currently being taken by the Baha’i community in addressing racism and social justice as defined by the Universal House of Justice? What are some examples of each that you are aware of or personally engaging in?
2) What is the role of divine love in the elimination of prejudice and in changing systems and policies that support injustice?
3) What are the concepts and principles developed in the current series of Plans articulated by the House of justice that lead to social transformation? Where have you seen them applied and what has been the impact?
4) What is required of us in order to build true bonds of love and unity among the members of the Baha’i community that will bring about the oneness of humanity?


Workshop 8

“Study of The NSA Letter “On The Path Towards Racial Justice – June 19, 2020”
Presenter/ Facilitator- George Davis (90 mins)

Date?- Thursday, August 27, 2020
Zoom session audio recording available soon>>>

Some of the areas to be considered-
1) What are the principles that underlie the Baha’i conception of the oneness of humanity as articulated in the NSA’s statement?
2) How can we effectively use the statement of the NSA and the online resources in public discourses and conversations with friends and acquaintances?


Workshop 9

“Junior Youth Groups and Walking together on a Path toward Race Unity and Oneness” Presenter/ Facilitator- Matin Akbari (45 mins)

Date- Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program is an opportunity for middle schoolers, ages 12-15, to come together and contribute to the betterment of their communities. Together, the group engages in study of the texts of the program, arts, sports, and service projects. Through the efforts of the junior youth, a community is able to strengthen unity and work towards eliminating racial prejudice. Matin Akbari currently serves as an animator and tutor in Chicago, IL. He is also assisting animators in Chicago to reflect on their service and share their learning. In this workshop, we will explore how a junior youth group enhances the life of the community they are a part of.

Audio recording documentation of this workshop that occurred on 8/29 via Zoom (63 mins)


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