“Freedom from racial prejudice, in any of its forms, should, at such a time as this when an increasingly large section of the human race is falling a victim to its devastating ferocity, be adopted as the watchword of the entire body of the American believers, in whichever state they reside, in whatever circles they move, whatever their age, traditions, tastes, and habits. . . . It should be deliberately cultivated through the various and everyday opportunities, no matter how insignificant, that present themselves, whether in their homes, their business offices, their schools and colleges, their social parties and recreation grounds, their Bahá’í meetings, conferences, conventions, summer schools and Assemblies.”

Shoghi Effendi, Advent of Divine Justice

Special thanks to those who attended our 2020 Session via Zoom!

August 17-31, 2020 schedule can be seen here https://greenlakebahaischool.org/2020-schedule/

Until next year please utilize the resources on this site at home, with family and friends, and via virtual gatherings.

Recorded audio of Zoom Sessions are posted at-

2020 School Program via Zoom

Recorded audio of Zoom Workshops are posted at-

2020 Workshops via Zoom


Green Lake Baha’i School 2019

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